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Nippy Gibbler is hand-painted apparel line promoting abstract visual language into the mainstream world. Started in 2017 by a Massachusetts painter, the project arose from the urge to fill the gap between artist studio and consumerism; abstract painting and everyday thinking.

Valued for their surprising colors and thick textures, every Nippy Gibbler is hand made with oil paint and one of a kind.

Outside of being wearable art, the brand functions to foster a community of self-hood. Through humor and androgyny, Nippy represents the qualities we cannot put into objective imagery. How can we express ourselves beyond what is mass produced? How can abstraction- color, shape and design be used to explore the subjective facets of our selves that fall between written language.

Nippy Gibbler is queer. Nippy Gibbler is old. Nippy Gibbler is big. Nippy Gibbler is tiny. Nippy Gibbler is unsure. Nippy Gibbler is confident. Nippy Gibbler is color. Nippy Gibbler is serious. Nippy Gibbler is a toddler. Nippy Gibbler is your mailman.

How do you show your self-hood?

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